Orlando Bloom Finds Trouble on 'Main Street' Posted May 25, 2009 2:24:00 PM

"I like these kinds of movies; I enjoy going to see a slice of life, the way [these] kind of people live," says Orlando. "I like the idea of playing a cop; kind of thinking about how a cop goes about his daily life and what he comes up against."

Orlando perfected his Southern drawl for his character (he even gives his interview with an accent), and he says working with a coach "on the sounds" has "been fun."

Written by the late Oscar and Pulitzer Prize winner Horton Foote ('To Kill a Mockingbird,' 'Tender Mercies'), 'Main Street' follows a group of people in a small, down-and-out American town whose lives are shaken up by a mysterious stranger's (Colin Firth) arrival on their Main Street, where he chooses to store hazardous waste in a warehouse.

"They've asked me to come over and take a look, and to me it's a bit like I'm dealing with the cat in the tree issue," explains Orlando. "And then I come in and I see all of these canisters laid out; they look pretty ominous."

The film's ensemble cast also includes Amber Tamblyn, Andrew McCarthy, Tom Wopat, Patricia Clarkson and Ellen Burstyn.

Ellen, who plays a tobacco heiress whose real estate dilemma draws in Colin's mysterious Texas businessman, says the production has been very respectful to the screenplay, saying, "We've been very faithful to the script. We haven't changed any of Horton's words."

And Patricia, who plays Ellen's niece in the film, says, "[Horton] writes beautiful characters that are organically driven, that are flawed and yet immensely likable in odd ways." She adds that Ellen is "one of my idols; she's one of the reasons why I wanted to do this project. She doesn't disappoint. She's just stunning."

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Source : ET Online